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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

How to upgrade the BlackBerry OS?

KNY6NJ6VM8BYConfused how to upgrade the BlackBerry OS? Here I will explain how the Blackberry OS upgrade with ease. Follow the step by step instructions below :

First we will remind you is: In practice it is borne own risk, the warranty will not be lost if only the BlackBerry OS upgrade, but probably the worst thing that happens to be borne alone. The method we have been doing a few times so we split the tips. But all the risks that lead to your BlackBerry or total dead hangs a dependent on your own. Backup before upgrading.

  1. Download Software Desktop Manager (DM) to the PC. Usually there is a CD installer that has become the gift when purchasing. Or if you want to download an updated version can be downloaded here. 
  2. After the install DM, advanced install the OS installer in accordance with the type of your BlackBerry. Download OS RIM BlackBerry at official site here. If it seem slow to download can also be downloaded from, click here to download it. Do not forget to look for the most recent OS yes, because usually there will be an increase in performance compared to previous versions. Install the OS when completed download.
  3. Once downloaded and installed OS, do not forget to delete vendor.xml file through Windows Explorer in the folder "C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader" and then locate the file named "Vendor.xml". delete the file. 
  4. Turn off all network (network signal, wifi and Bluetooth) before running the upgrade process. Delete the emails that are not so important. Then connect the BlackBerry to the PC with the cable data contained in the box at purchase. In the event of OS update request, cancel it first. And when asked for a password, enter the password you set on your BlackBerry. Password should be in this process in the switch off first. Then look at your BlackBerry, if asked to make it as a mass storage device? Select No.
  5. Choose Backup to backup your BlackBerry data. So that if something unexpected happens you are still storing the data. Keep in mind, backups are not backing up your memory card. Perform backup your memory card on a regular basis without the use of DM. 
  6. Backup completed, go to the application, when run properly please select any application that wants to install by clicking the (+) to add an application or (x) for meremove application. For writing that is gray with a status of "required" can not diremove because it is part of its OS. When finished selecting, click "Apply". Follow the instructions to upgrade to walk by it self. 
  7. When finished, it will notice that the BlackBerry you've finished the upgrade. Please close the DM and disconnect the data cable from the PC. Turn on the signaling network that your BlackBerry is active. 
  8.  Done...!!
Notes :
Do not do chat on fuel because you're restoring fuel oil group (if any), the photographs and status. Feared when directly used chat will happen reinvite or group can not be behind the fuel. Wait for approximately ½ hour of your new use again. Connect with the help of WiFi if your BlackBerry BIS service and support WiFi connection. 
In case the upgrade fails, repeat step 6. Get ready to re-install the OS. 
Easy right?! The important thing is you have the courage to do.To do with Desktop Manager 5.0 is actually pretty much the same way, but just look different and there is a little different on the features. But basically pretty much the same.
Do not forget to backup first and do your own risk!!!